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  My mission is to help you journey beyond the asana, illuminating the space within that inspires each one of us to grow in freedom, to flourish in the realm of possibility and to live a life transformed through the holistic practice of yoga. 

Hope Rajasinghe is an international yoga

teacher ( E - RYT 200 / RYT 500 ) and movement artist based in Sri Lanka and the USA. Inspired and informed by the mind - body - spirit connection and the art of physicality, Hope received her BA in Dance Performance Choreography, and Psychology from Hope College, Michigan. Her yogic trainings are rooted in tradition from the yoga capital, Rishikesh, India, as well as the evolving  modern approach of today's world culture.

Hope will guide you through a personal exploration that brings awareness and honor to your unique expression on the practice path. She is passionate about building on this foundation, and enjoys keeping yoga fresh with creative transition and sequence. Believing that integration is the key to integrity and longevity, each class will be a flow of dynamic meditation with a breath and alignment base.

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